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Robert Matson speaks to Students at Binghamton University - (11/17/2008)

On November 10, 2008, Robert Matson attended Binghamton University to speak to Dennis Foreman's freshman class; CS101 - Introductory Topics in Computer Science. This class studies topics of interest to computer science majors: social, ethical and professional issues; university, school and department resources; current developments in computer science.

In his speech, Robert discussed what it will be like once the students graduate and are entering into the corporate world. Some other topics that he discussed were:

- An overview of what BlueStorm Technologies does and what our employees do on a day-to-day basis.
- Insight into the skills we are looking for in new hires and what makes CS graduates successful in the corporate world.
- Discuss the pace and nature of change in the industry and "career-long" learning.
- Overview of trends and directions in the IT market and where the industry is headed.

Speaking Engagements like this give us an opportunity to share concepts and vision, along with real-world examples to members of the computer science and technology community.

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